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The Illuminati have produced fruit for 4 generations. Our agriturismo, the Foresteria Il Giardino di Fontarronco is located exactly in the heart of the 1200 square acre Estate. On the farm we produce red, white and dessert wine and an excellent extravirgin olive oil.

ProductsWe produce a very small quantity of olive oil ( 50 litres ) and a few hundred bottles of wine are on sale only at Foresteria Il Giardino di Fontarronco.
The wine produced on the farm is definitely different than most of the best-known tuscan wines: it is authentic and made easily, It was a genuine wine drunk by a farmers !!! We produce 2 different types of red wine, one type of white wine and a dessert wine as well.

Our best wine is called Tenorio della Foresteria and is composed of Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes. It is 12,5% alc and is very good to drink when eating red beef and grilled food.

The other red wine which we produce is called Gioviale della Foresteria. This one is lighter than the Tenorio and is composed of Sangiovese grapes only. It is 12 % alc. Being quiet light, it is very nice to drink during the warmest months of the year.

The white wine is called Trebbianello and is made from the local trebbiano grapes. It's 11,5% alc. It is excelent when drunk very cold as an aperitif.

We also produce 30 bottles of dessert wine per year called Vinsanto. It is very sweet yet strong. It is very nice to drink with a soft dessert. It is made from Malvasia and put into 20 litre barrels for 24 months. It is 16 % alc.

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